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Going Away

This could be my last post in a long time. So yea, i just wanted to say thanks for reading and i hope that i'lll be able to keep in touch with you all.

Now at first it might seem like I was being dramatic when I posted this, but I was just trying to follow OPSEC.  OPSEC stands for Operational Security and basically means don't blog on social media about military operations.  Back in WWII, the phrase "Loose lips sinks ships" was used to detour OPSEC violations.

What was going on during this time of the deployment was a mission to retake the city of Samarra, Iraq from the insurgents who had occupied it since the First Infantry Division had arrived in country in early 2004.  I used to have a lot of personal pictures and videos from this mission but sadly the laptop I stored them on fried while I was in country.  I still remember that was a computer from I Buy Power and it never worked right.  It ended up frying 2 more times and then they refused to cover it under warned.  Anyways, I’m going to attach a link below this text to the wiki page about the invasion of Samara, known as Operation Baton Rouge.  The interesting thing about this mission was it re-wrote the Army doctrine on how to take a hostile city.  It was also, in my opinion, a trial run on this type of operation to see its effectiveness.  Shortly after Baton Rouge, the marines and army attempted to retake Fallujah using the same operational guide.  First Infantry Division was more successful in my opinion.  I’ll try to dig up as many pictures from Samarra as I can and upload them on my next post.



Tags: history, iraq, opsec, war
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It all sounds so interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more and seeing photos of you manage to get ahold of them. It must be difficult writing about and sharing some things you have seen and been through. I think it's incredibly brave and nice of you to do so in hopes of helping others through such times. I found your account on the addme page. Hope you don't mind me commenting :)